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At the 4G Router store we stock industrial grade mobile broadband routers from leading manufacturers along with 4G antennas and Fixed IP SIM cards to provide a complete solution for remote access and monitoring.

4G Routers M2M Application

If you need a robust and reliable embedded 4G Router that delivers a quick and simple solution to providing Internet services using the 3G/4G mobile network as an alternative to wired broadband then our Proroute range of 4G routers offer outstanding value whether you need a remote connection solution for your CCTV, Digital Signage, Energy, Parking, Building Management or other remote monitoring and management application.

4G Antenna

In situations where your 4G Router is located in a position with a poor mobile network signal you can consider the option of connecting an alternative 4G Antenna to your router.

The optional LTE 4G Antenna should be located in a position where there is a good or strong 3G / 4G network signal.



H685 4G Router

The Proroute H685 is a reliable, industrial grade compact 4G router with embedded high speed LTE 4G module for high speed mobile broadband data transfer speeds


H820 4G Router

The Proroute H820 embedded industrial 4G router includes keep alive features such as Ping Reboot to ensure that the router will provide a reliable 3G/4G connection


H900 4G Router

The Proroute H900 is a DIN rail mounted industrial 4G router with Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and RS232/Digital IO.


Huawei B525 4G Router

Huawei B525 4G Router

The B525 router has an embedded CAT6 4G Modem for high speed 4G and delivers this to computers on the LAN via gigabit Ethernet and 802.11AC high speed WiFi

H112-372 5G Router

Fixed IP Sim Cards

EE Vodafone O2 3Mobile Multi Network