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3G Routers
M2M Mobile Broadband Solutions

Westlake Connect Ltd

Westlake Connect are the UK’s largest stockist of 3G Routers, 4G Routers and 4G Antennas from leading manufacturers such as Proroute, Fullband Antennas, Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, Geneko, Billion, Sirio and Huawei.

As well as our 3G and 4G mobile broadband connectivity hardware solutions we also provide Fixed IP SIM cards with private or public IP addresses to provide a complete M2M connectivity solution for your remote management and monitoring application.

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3G Routers

3G Routers

Buy the Proroute H685 compact 3G router and H820 3G router for reliable M2M connectivity.  Large UK stocks with next working day delivery.

Reliable and robust industrial grade M2M 3G routers for remote monitoring and management that do not need the higher speeds offered by 4G connections.

4G Routers

4G Routers

Buy the latest LTE Advanced CAT6 4G Routers from Proroute, Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint offering super fast 4G speeds with all the reliability needed for M2M remote management and monitoring.  If you don’t need the expense or speed CAT6 routers deiver then we stock plenty of CAT4 M2M 4G Routers as well.

3G and 4G Antennas


Indoor and outdoor 3G and 4G antennas to suit a variety of installation requirements – many of these antennas are Fullband Antennas so will work with 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Our best selling 4G antenna is the MIMORAD outdoor MIMO 4G antenna offering great performance for 4G router installations.

Fixed IP SIM Cards

Fixed IP SIM Cards

3G and 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards with PUBLIC IP address to provide easy remote access to your 3G/4G router and connected devices.

Our normal Fixed IP SIM card service provides a fixed, public IP address for easy remote access to your 3G/4G router and connected devices but we also offer private IP SIM cards if required.

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To view our extensive range of 3G and 4G Routers and Antennas and place your order online for next working day delivery.

  • Simple M2M Connectivity Solutions

    Remote access to your networked devices is quick and simple with our range of M2M routers and Fixed IP SIM Cards

  • Choose Your Router

    Select your 3G or 4G router depending upon the data speeds you require.

  • Get Connected with our Mobile Broadband with Fixed IP address

    Now choose your Fixed IP SIM card package based upon the amount of data you expect to use every month.

    SUCCESS! – you now have a mobile Internet connection with a fixed IP address that can be accessed from anywhere on the internet – you can now remotely access your 3G/4G router and connected devices.