4G Routers

Read our guides about the range of 4G routers available in the UK.  These routers fall into three categories.

  • Home 4G Routers
  • Office 4G Routers
  • M2M / Industrial 4G Routers


Home 4G Routers

Teltonika TCR100

Teltonika TCR100

The Telonika TCR100 is the brand new (March 2022) home 4G router that offers home users the chance to buy a consumer 4G router with all the features, security and reliability of an industrial 4G router.

Teltonika are leading manufacturers of reliable and secure industrial 4G routers including the RUT950/RUT951, the RUT955/RUT956 and the RUT240/RUT241.

They have taken the advanced security, reliability and functionality of M2M remote access and monitoring 4G routers and improved their offering for consumers with high speed Gigabit Ethernet and higher speed 802.11AC WiFi hotspot for up to 50 users in the TCR100 industrial style casing giving consumers the confidence to buy this high specification 4G Internet device.

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