3G Routers are still a popular choice for mass deployment for M2M Mobile Broadband installations for remote management and monitoring.  The low cost of a 3G router and 3G mobile broadband SIM card means that for large deployments of 3G routers the average cost per site for the initial and ongoing SIM reantal costs can be reduced and many 3G networks still provide reasonable download and upload speeds suitable for the majority of IoT M2M installations.

3G Router Applications:-

  • Security / CCTV
  • POS – Point Of Sale
  • Building Management
  • Remote Media / Digital Signage
  • Wind / Solar / Energy Monitoring
  • Healthcare
  • Banking – ATM



We recommend the use of a 3G Fixed IP SIM Card with your 3G router to provide a reliable and easily managed 3G router installation.  By using a Fixed IP SIM that can be supplied with either a private or public IP address you always know the IP address of your router and this means it can be easily accessed and can utilise port forwarding to access the devices on the LAN.

In fact, if you don’t use a Fixed IP SIM card with your 3G router then if you need remote access your choice is limited to using a SIM card from 3Mobile who are the only UK network to be able to provide a public IP address so you can use DDNS services, however 3mobile do not guarantee the allocation of a public IP address so you may not always be able to connect to your device so if you need a reliable and easily managed 3G router M2M installation then we always recommend using a fixed IP SIM card,