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4G Router For CCTV

3G / 4G Router for CCTV

Here is our quick guide to explain what is required to provide 3G/4G Mobile Broadband connectivity for remote access to CCTV equipment (IP cameras / DVR etc)

Quick And Easy Solution for remote access to your CCTV equipment using 4G

1. Buy a 3G / 4G Router (Proroute H685 / Proroute H820 / Amit IDG761)
2. Choose a 3G/4G Fixed IP SIM Card plan and complete and return the contract.
3. When you receive the router and SIM card insert the SIM and configure the router APN settings.

You now have a router with a connection to the Internet with a fixed, public IP address so you can now connect to the router from anywhere on the Internet.
You can also use port forwarding to connect to your devices on the LAN just like you were using a normal broadband router.

See below for our recommended 4G router hardware for CCTV as well as antennas and fixed IP SIM cards.

Below we show an example of configuring the Proroute H685/H820 4G Router with Fixed IP SIM Card for use with an NVR CCTV solution. In the example below we show one of the more popular NVR units from HIKVISION to demonstrate how the NVR LAN settings should be configured to provide a working 4G CCTV solution within a few minutes.