Amit ACS Central Management and Monitoring Software The Amit ACS is the RMS Remote Management Software solution to manage a large base of installed Amit 4G routers and provides a comprehensive management and monitoring solution providing group and individual router information.

There is a free trial version for 3 months covering up to 8 devices then the Amit ACS management software license is available in the following versions:-

  • Up to 256 units CloudACS
  • Up to 512 units CloudACS
  • Up to 1024 units CloudACS

Prices upon request but we can guarantee that it is a much more cost effective solution than the pay per device per month/year services provided by other manufacturers especially over the period of a few years.

Examples of Amit ACS information pages below.


Amit ACS Router Data 1 Amit ACS Router Data 2   Amit-ACS-3G-4G-and-LAN-Status Amit ACS Network Traffic