CS2389 4G Signal Tester Replaces the D2377 4G Signal Analyser

Today sees the launch of the new CS2389 4G Signal Tester that replaces the D2377 4G Signal Analyser.

CS2389 Signal Tester

The new CSL Dual CS2389 updtaes the design and function of this popular 4G Signal tester with a new touch screen interface. It is intended to be used to identify the optimum location for your cellular connected device prior to installation by searching all local base stations. It feeds back the network availability, radio technology (2G/3G/4G), Bit Error Rate (BER) and signal strength.

Key Features and Benefits for installers:

- New colour touch screen with a handy dashboard menu
- Quick Survey Button to run a survey in just one click
- Fully visual monitor mode
- Up to 20-hour battery life
- Memory space holds survey results for up to 250 tests
- Available in 10 different languages
- USB firmware upgrades
- CS2389 4G variant can be used for 2G/3G/4G surveys

Three Mobile (3mobile) network outages in March 2017

It appears that Three Mobile are rolling out network improvements across the UK in March and April so if your 3G/4G router is unavailable for a period of time and you are using a 3mobile SIM card then it might be worthwhile checking whether the planned maintenance is the reason for 3G/4G network down time and the easy way to do that is visit the Three mobile website and enter the location of where you are using the 4G router with the 3mobile SIM card.

Here is the link



3G Fixed IP SIM Cards Now Available on O2 Network

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering O2 Fixed IP SIM Cards on our 3G Fixed IP SIM card plan.

This service offers a 3G connection with a PUBLIC, static IP address to provide a convenient way to connect to your 3G router over the internet.

O2 Fixed IP SIM Cards

O2 Fixed IP SIM Card – 12 month contract

1 GB Inclusive Data – £25.48 per month rental
3 GB Inclusive Data – £34.48 per month rental
5 GB Inclusive Data – £51.48 per month rental
10 GB Inclusive Data – £98.00 per month rental
12 GB Inclusive Data – £114.80 per month rental
15 GB Inclusive Data – £140.00 per month rental
20 GB Inclusive Data – £182.00 per month rental

O2 Fixed IP SIM Card – 24 month contract

1 GB Inclusive Data – £24.48 per month rental
3 GB Inclusive Data – £33.48 per month rental
5 GB Inclusive Data – £50.48 per month rental
10 GB Inclusive Data – £96.00 per month rental
12 GB Inclusive Data – £110.70 per month rental
15 GB Inclusive Data – £135.00 per month rental
20 GB Inclusive Data – £175.50 per month rental

For full information about the O2 Fixed IP SIM card including connection and out of bundle usage charges and for information about all of our other 3G and 4G Fixed IP SIM cards please CLICK HERE.

D2377 – Taking the Guesswork Out of GSM/GPRS/3G/4G Connectivity

GPRS, 3G and 4G mobile Internet services are proving to be a reliable and low cost solution to provide internet connectivity for remote management and monitoring applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage / Remote Media, Banking, In-Vehicle / ANPR, building control and Wind and Solar energy management.

With the improvement in M2M 3G Routers and M2M 4G Routers the Always Available 3G and 4G Networks can be made more reliable and turned into ‘almost’ always on connections with back-up solutions such as ping reboot and SMS reboot to alleviate the problems of the 3G/4G internet connectivity reliability making wireless broadband for M2M an increasingly reliable way to provide connectivity.

Of course, these mobile 3G/4G routers need a mobile network signal in the first place, there is no point installing a 4G M2M router in a location and using a Vodafone SIM card if there is not a suitable signal nearby and that is where the new D2377 4G Signal Analyser comes into play. D2377 4G Signal Analyser

This handheld 4G Signal Analyser will provide information about the available networks in a particular locations, whether they are 2G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS) or 4G (LTE) and will also provide details about the cell station ID and signal strength.

The D2377 4G Signal Analyser is supplied with a detachable antenna so if you need to test the antenna location then you can connect the antenna to the D2377 and ensure that the 3G / 4G Antenna is located in the optimum position, You can also insert a SIM card into the D2377 unit and it will then lock onto that particular network and provide information specifically about that connection.

VIU2 3G Camera

The Option VIU² is the world’s first plug ‘n play stand-alone 3G security solution that can stream live audio & video from anywhere to anywhere, anytime. Access your camera on your web enabled mobile phone from any type of mobile network.

You can chose for a simple single-camera, single-user scenario or set-up a multi-camera configuration with hundreds of users. All this from a single easy-to-use and configurable web based control room.

VIU2 3G Camera

VIU2 : Always Available

With the VIU², you will be able to stream high quality live audio and video from anywhere to anywhere anytime. It uses state-of-the-art video compression to prevent bill shock. You also have instant access to hi-res video clips stored on your local storage (inserted SD card or connected USB storage) or in the cloud. You can even upgrade your service to have your movies or audio recordings permanently available.

  • Video built in camera 640 x 480 (VGA) @ 30 fps
  • High performance H.264 Video compression
  • Full resolution, full framerate recording
  • AAC Audio compression



The VIU2 3G Camera is your truly resilient solution. It operates totally independent of any infrastructure. In case of power failure, its powerful battery back-up pack allows for up to 2 hours streaming. Thanks to the automatic power recovery feature, no interaction is needed to switch back to normal mode as soon as the power is back on, even if the power outage outlasted the battery’s capacity.


Its 3G capability and independence of local networks allows the VIU² to easily connect to any type of mobile network, even when landlines are unavailable.


  • Integrated replacable back-up battery (100mAh), supports up to 2 hours of streaming
  • Automatic power recovery

VIU2 : Flexible Notification

You get notified via SMS and/or e-mail when something happens and can immediately stream video to see in real live what’s going on or view your recorded clips later on your local storage or in the cloud.

Futhermore, an alert is sent in case there is a power failure, when power comes back on or when you battery is low. Nothing goes unnoticed, you get real peace of mind.

VIU2 : Easy to use and install

The VIU² is a Plug ‘n Play solution that allows anyone to easily set up and manage their own professional-level security system. After a quick set-up, its simple to use SMS and web interfaces can be used by anyone without technical background to start streaming live video to their mobile or watch on their PC. It requires no additional software or infrastructure.

You can manage multi-user and multi-camera set-ups from a single easy-to-use and configurable web based control room.




Teltonika RUT104

The Teltonika RUT104 is an industrial grade, embedded 3G router.

Mobile 3G Router

Replace ADSL /SDSL / Leased Line services at sites which can not obtain line plant, also perfect for (DR) Damage Recovery for Business Critical applications. The Teltonika RUT104 Mobile 3G Router is a true wireless access router. It offers wireless broadband WAN / HSDPA connection with a rate of up to 7.2mb. On the LAN side, it supports both the wireless WiFi 802.11b/g and Ethernet
10/100Mb interfaces.

The Teltonika RUT-104 embedded UMTS router offers instantaneous multi-user internet access over a WiFi or LAN connection. No need for a fixed PSTN line or DSL connection as it is routed via over high speed mobile broadband networks.

Mobile Applications:Sales & Service Fleets
Commercial Transportation
Mobile Router For Cars, Buses & Limos
Delivery & Courier Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Boats & Marine Vessels
Mobile WiFi Hotspots
Low Altitude Aviation
Police, Fire & Emergency Vehicles
Mobile Security & Surveillance
Military & Defense Applications

Stationary Applications:

Remote Monitoring
Remote Control
Cash Registers & Credit Card Processing
Video Surveillance
Tradeshow Internet Access
Temporary Off-Site Work Teams
Vending, Point-of-Sale (POS) & ATM
Backup For Wired Internet and Alarm
Traffic Monitoring & Control
Digital Signage, Electronic Billboards
Homeland Security & Disaster Recovery

The Teltonika Router is available in the UK from the 3G Router Store.

HGO-3G Antenna

HGO-3G Antenna

We have added a new Omni Directional 3G Antenna to our range.  The HGO-3G is a GSM and 3G Antenna designed for outdoor use.  This antenna can be used with a wide range of GSM Gateway, 3G Router and 3G modems and provides up to 6 dBi gain for UMTS / 3G Devices and has the benefit of being Omni-Directional so it can be used in applications where a high gain directional 3G antenna cannot be used.  The HGO-3G Antenna is supplied with 5m long cable and SMA connector and comes with a U-Bolt pole mounting bracket.


3G Antenna

Improve the signal reception of your 3G router by using a high gain 3G Antenna like the GXD1201 Flat Panel Directional 3G Antenna with 10 dBi Gain.  This antenna is supplied with 5m of low loss cable and pre-terminated with an SMA Male connector for easy connection to most 3G Routers.