CS2389 4G Signal Tester Replaces the D2377 4G Signal Analyser

Today sees the launch of the new CS2389 4G Signal Tester that replaces the D2377 4G Signal Analyser.

CS2389 Signal Tester

The new CSL Dual CS2389 updtaes the design and function of this popular 4G Signal tester with a new touch screen interface. It is intended to be used to identify the optimum location for your cellular connected device prior to installation by searching all local base stations. It feeds back the network availability, radio technology (2G/3G/4G), Bit Error Rate (BER) and signal strength.

Key Features and Benefits for installers:

– New colour touch screen with a handy dashboard menu
– Quick Survey Button to run a survey in just one click
– Fully visual monitor mode
– Up to 20-hour battery life
– Memory space holds survey results for up to 250 tests
– Available in 10 different languages
– USB firmware upgrades
– CS2389 4G variant can be used for 2G/3G/4G surveys

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