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Huawei 5G Router Now In Stock (H112-372)

Huawei H112-372 5G Router

We are now stocking the Huawei H112-372 5G Router CPE which is the ideal choice for a small business that wants to take advantage of the new 5G mobile networks being rolled out in the UK.

This compact 5G router has a CAT11 LTE 5G Modem inside capable of delivering download speeds over 2Gbps (subject to network) and over 1Gbps upload speeds (subject to network) and delivers this high speed 5G Internet to your PC’s, Tablets and other networked devices via high speed 802.11AC WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet.  The H112-372 5G CPE can provide WiFi for up to 64 devices and the WiFi signal is broadcast both horizontally and vertically so will provide good WiFi coverage for many small business offices.

H112-372 5G

Of course if you don;t yet have 5G network coverage then this 5G CPE device will also use 4G Mobile Internet and can utilise the 5G mobile broadband once it is delivered to your area.

H112-372 5G Router Antenna

The H112-372 has a built-in 4G / 5G antenna which is optimised for the 5G modem inside and should work well in most instances where you have 5G service inside your office.  The Huawei 5G router is compact so can be positioned where you receive the best 5G signal and in cases where you have very poor or no signal you can remove the panel at the rear and connect an external; 4G/5G antenna and locate the antenna outdoors where there is a much stronger signal.


Once you receive your 5G SIM Card from your chosen network you can insert this into the base of the Huawei 5G CPE Router and power on the router and it should automatically detect the SIM card and network and connect at the highest available speed.  It will of course first try to connect using 5G, but if the 5G mobile network is unavailable it will use 4G instead.

You can now connect your devices and start to benefit from high speed 4G or 5G mobile broadband Internet.



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