If you are locating your 3G or 4G router in a location with a very poor 3G/4G signal then using the MIMORAD antenna located close by where there is a strong signal can deliver this better 4G signal along the antenna cables to the router.

MIMORAD MiMo 4G Antenna

Ideally the MIMORAD antenna would be mounted on a pole and placed near to the router but in a location where it will be able to receive a good 4G mobile phone network service.  The MIMORAD antenna is pre-terminated with 2 x 5m long cables each with an SMA Male connector to screw directly to the antenna ports of your router.

We also offer pre-terminated antenna extension cables so you can extend the length of the antenna cables, however longer cable lengths will result in more signal loss between the antenna and router so if your antenna is located where there is an excellent 4G service then you could have longer antenna cables – maybe 15-25m long, but if the signal strength in the antenna is just medium to good then maybe just 10m maximum.

Of course if you need much longer cable runs then it might be prudent to move the router closer to the 4G antenna and then use a long Ethernet cable to deliver the 4G service into your desired network hub location.