Teltonika RUT955 LTE 4G Router

Teltonika have announced the new big brother to the RUT950 4G Router.

The New Teltonika RUT955 will off all the same features as the RUT950 but will also inlcude GPS and Digital IO making this 4G router a great all rounder for many M2M remote management and monitoring applications.



Packed with features the RUT955 will offer a low price, multi-functional and reliable 4G Router solution for applications including:-

  • CCTV
  • Digital Signage / Remote Media
  • Energy Monitoring (Wind / Solar)
  •  Building Management

Teltonika RUT955 Key Features

  • LTE up to 100 Mbps DL and 50 Mbps UL
  • DC-HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps DL and 5.76 Mbps UL
  • Multiple LTE FDD bands
  • Quadband UMTS and GSM
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with 2×2 MIMO up to 300 Mbps IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u standards
  • Four Ethernet Ports (3 x LAN, 1 x WAN)


  • LTE up to 100 Mbps DL and 50 Mbps UL
  • DC-HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps DL and 5.76 Mbps UL
  • Multiple LTE FDD bands Quadband UMTS and GSM
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with 2×2 MIMO up to 300 Mbps
  • IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u standards
  • Four Ethernet Ports
  • Durable Aluminium Housing
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to 75C
  • DIN rail mounting (optional)
  • 2-pin terminal block power connector
  • 10 pin connector for INPUT/OUTPUT
  • Inputer triggers for SMS, e-mail, SIM card, profile, WiFi, reboot,
  • output 6 pin industrial socket for 2/4 wire RS485 RS232/RS485 over IP
  • Samba share
  • DB9 socket for full-featuredRS232
  • Micro SD
  • USB 2.0 B Socket for external devices
  • 1 x SMA for GPS
  • OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP
  • Dynamic DNS
  • 4G Backup WAN
  • SMS configuration
  • QoS
  • VRRP
  • Web Filter
  • Configuration Profiles
  • Dual SIM
  • Dual image


The Teltonika RUT955 4G Router is due for launch in August 2015.



3G Fixed IP SIM Cards Now Available on O2 Network

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering O2 Fixed IP SIM Cards on our 3G Fixed IP SIM card plan.

This service offers a 3G connection with a PUBLIC, static IP address to provide a convenient way to connect to your 3G router over the internet.

O2 Fixed IP SIM Cards

O2 Fixed IP SIM Card – 12 month contract

1 GB Inclusive Data – £25.48 per month rental
3 GB Inclusive Data – £34.48 per month rental
5 GB Inclusive Data – £51.48 per month rental
10 GB Inclusive Data – £98.00 per month rental
12 GB Inclusive Data – £114.80 per month rental
15 GB Inclusive Data – £140.00 per month rental
20 GB Inclusive Data – £182.00 per month rental

O2 Fixed IP SIM Card – 24 month contract

1 GB Inclusive Data – £24.48 per month rental
3 GB Inclusive Data – £33.48 per month rental
5 GB Inclusive Data – £50.48 per month rental
10 GB Inclusive Data – £96.00 per month rental
12 GB Inclusive Data – £110.70 per month rental
15 GB Inclusive Data – £135.00 per month rental
20 GB Inclusive Data – £175.50 per month rental

For full information about the O2 Fixed IP SIM card including connection and out of bundle usage charges and for information about all of our other 3G and 4G Fixed IP SIM cards please CLICK HERE.

Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM 4G Router – Now In Stock

After a successful launch of the new Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM 4G Router we now have large stocks available at the reduced price of £135.00 each.

Teltonika RUT950

This Dual SIM 4G Router has a single embedded LTE 4G module to provide high speed 3G/4G mobile broadband Internet connectivity but has two SIM card slots so the router can switch from SIM 1 to SIM 2 based upon different switching criteria such as network unavailable or bandwidth limit reached.

The Teltonika RUT950 4G Router includes all the normal M2M features for a reliable 3G/4G connection including ping reboot and SMS reboot and includes VPN and port forwarding.

The RUT950 has 4 x Ethernet ports (3 x LAN and 1 x WAN) and also features 802.11 b/g/n WiFi for wireless LAN.

D2377 – Taking the Guesswork Out of GSM/GPRS/3G/4G Connectivity

GPRS, 3G and 4G mobile Internet services are proving to be a reliable and low cost solution to provide internet connectivity for remote management and monitoring applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage / Remote Media, Banking, In-Vehicle / ANPR, building control and Wind and Solar energy management.

With the improvement in M2M 3G Routers and M2M 4G Routers the Always Available 3G and 4G Networks can be made more reliable and turned into ‘almost’ always on connections with back-up solutions such as ping reboot and SMS reboot to alleviate the problems of the 3G/4G internet connectivity reliability making wireless broadband for M2M an increasingly reliable way to provide connectivity.

Of course, these mobile 3G/4G routers need a mobile network signal in the first place, there is no point installing a 4G M2M router in a location and using a Vodafone SIM card if there is not a suitable signal nearby and that is where the new D2377 4G Signal Analyser comes into play. D2377 4G Signal Analyser

This handheld 4G Signal Analyser will provide information about the available networks in a particular locations, whether they are 2G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS) or 4G (LTE) and will also provide details about the cell station ID and signal strength.

The D2377 4G Signal Analyser is supplied with a detachable antenna so if you need to test the antenna location then you can connect the antenna to the D2377 and ensure that the 3G / 4G Antenna is located in the optimum position, You can also insert a SIM card into the D2377 unit and it will then lock onto that particular network and provide information specifically about that connection.

Billion announce a new dual SIM 4G Router for M2M – The Billion 7820NZ

February 18th, 2014 – Taipei, Taiwan – Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (Taiex: 3027, trading as Billion), a leading supplier in network communication and energy management solutions officially launches a new cutting-edge dual-SIM 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband router – BiPAC 7820NZ. Its uniquely embedded dual-SIM card slot enables users to enjoy constant and seamless Internet experience by simply plugging 3G/4G LTE SIM cards into its built-in SIM slots without the needs of additional 3G/4G LTE USB modems. It is perfectly suitable for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications in industries ranging from automotive, agriculture, construction, healthcare, logistics, retail services, public safety, and transportation.

Billion 7820NZ

“Foreseeing the vigorous development of 3G/4G LTE networking equipment, Billion takes the lead to officially launch uniquely embedded dual-SIM mobile broadband router – BiPAC 7820NZ, offering industrial and commercial users constant and seamless 3G/4G LTE Internet experience,” said Ben Chen, Director of Billion Electric. “It is especially suitable for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications in industries which highly demand for reliable network connectivity such as ATM system, surveillance, and POS system in order to realize industrial automation, management and control optimization. Featured with secure VPN functionalities, the BiPAC 7820NZ also assists industrial users to manage automatic system as well as sales and inventory control system. At the same time, users can manage and control the real-time data flow of their chain stores instantly.”

Although 3G/4G LTE standard has become the most popular wireless data communications technologies in the market, Billion BiPAC 7820NZ enables users to easily switch to different generation of wireless data communications standard without the fear of losing connection, enjoying the downstream rates of up to 100Mbps. Therefore, users can enjoy multi-media experience such as watching movies, downloading music, accessing e-mail or activating VoIP calls wherever 3G/4G LTE connection is available. Additionally, its IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols allow users to establish an encrypted private connection of up to 16 simultaneous tunnels over the Internet. Office users can securely transmit sensitive data between remote sites and their company anytime, thus enhancing overall productivity.

It is not expected that the Billion 7820NZ will be available in the UK until 2015 and the price for this model is expected to be quite high at £375.00 compared to existing M2M Dual SIM 4G Routers with similar features such as the Proroute DS420 Dual SIM 4G M2M Router which is around £225.00 and ticks more boxes when it comes to M2M installations.

Teltonika RUT500 to replace Teltonika RUT104 3G Router

Teltonika have announced that the popular RUT104 M2M 3G Router will make it’s final production run in November and the new Teltonika RUT500 will be the replacement 3G router.

The RUT500 was originally designed to run alongside the RUT104, but the popularity of this new router has meant that the the production of the RUT500 now takes priority and it was an easy decision to make the RUT500 the primary 3G Router offering ion the Teltonika M2M connectivity range.

Teltonika RUT500 Front ViewTeltonika RUT500 Rear View


The RUT500 includes 3 x LAN Ports, 1 x WAN port, N Wireless WiFi connectivity and the SIM card is hidden behind the front panel of the router.  In terms of the Teltonika RUT500 functionality it continues to offer all of the features of the RUT104 including site to site VPN functionality, firewall, port forwarding and 3G keep alive Ping Reboot feature as well as now also offering SMS reboot for added convenience when using this 3G router for your remote site connectivity for management and monitoring.

RUT500 SIM card Insertion

As the largest Teltonika UK distributor, Westlake Communications have enhanced the RUT500 offering by including a DIN Rail mounting kit and a magnetic mount 3G antenna as these are not supplied as standard in the Teltonika RUT500 UK offering.  In fact the RUT500 is usually only supplied with 1 x Fixed 3G Antenna and 1 x Fixed WiFi Antenna and a mains power supply so the Westlake RUT500 3G Router offering means that existing users of the RUT104 and RUT105 routers can be assured of an easy transition to the new RUT500 and take advantage of this higher specification unit at the same price as the old RUT104 and RUT105 routers.

The Teltonika RUT500 HSPA+ router features a WAN Port so it can be connected to a second router such as an ADSL router and can use this WAN connection as it’s primary internet connection and automatically fail over to 3G when the internet connection via the WAN port is unavailable.  the RUT500 will then reconnect to the internet via the WAN port when it can determine the WAN internet connection has been re-established.  This makes the Teltonika RUT500 ideal for use as a failover 3G router so if you need ADSL backup using 3G then this router can provide this ADSL router failover functionality.

The Teltonika RUT500 3G Router includes all the advanced firewall and routing functions required for most M2M applications and it’s easy to use, web management interface makes set up and configuration of the router quick and simple.

For example, if  the Teltonika RUT500 is going to be used to provide 3G wireless broadband connectivity for a CCTV application to provide remote connection to a CCTV DVR then assuming that a Fixed IP SIM Card is being used then once the APN (Access Point Name – these are the settings provided by your SIM provider in order for the router to connect to their network) is entered then the only other thing that needs to be done it to set port forwarding and this is simply done by stating with external port you want to be forwarded to the internal IP address (the IP address of your DVR) and to state the internal port eg. you have a fixed IP address of allocated by your Fixed IP SIM card provider and you want to connect to your DVR which you have given an internal (LAN) IP address of and the DVR uses port 80 (this is the typical web server port).  You could use an external port of 5555 and port forward this to port 80 – this means that when you type the external IP address of and port 5555 (this is input in the address bar of your browser and would be entered as – the IP address would take you to the Teltonika router and then the router would see that you want to connect to port 5555 – it would then look at the port forwarding rule and deliver you to port 80 of  By using different external ports eg. 5555, 5556, 5557 you can have multiple devices connected on the LAN that you can remotely connect to even if they all use port 80.

One other thing to consider is setting the management settings on the Teltonika RUT500 router to allow remote access so you can monitor the router status remotely.  The Teltonika Router uses port 80 which is why we used different external port addresses in our port forwarding rules to route to other devices on the LAN which also use port 80.  You can also tick the box to enable https:// remote access to the router as a back door – so if you did want to use an external port 80 to route to an internal port 80 then this can be done and remote access to the router configuration can be still be achieved.

The Teltonika RUT500 also includes a ping reboot function which needs to be configured before you leave site becuase it is this very important function that will ensure a reliable and long term connection to the 3G network.  The ping reboot function will periodically ping an IP address on the internet to ensure there is a 3G connection and if it does not receive a reply the router will assume it has been disconnected from the internet and will automatically reboot and re-establish the 3G internet connection.  We uses Google DNS server IP addresses ( or as our IP addresses to ping because we assume that Google will pretty much have these servers up and running all the time and we set the ping frequency to 10 minutes with 2 attempts – this means every 10 minutes the RUT500 will ping and if if does not receive a reply it will try again 10 minutes later and if it still does not receive a reply it will reboot and re-establish the connection.

Other than the APN, port forwarding, remote management and ping reboot features there is very little else that needs to be configured on the RUT500 to provide a quick and reliable 3G connection for your remote connection to your equipment so whether you need 3G CCTV, a connection to upload content for your digital signage over 3G or reliable 3G internet for energy monitoring the Teltonika RUT500 is the ideal router at the ideal price to achieve this.

Teltonika RUT104 New HSPA+ 3G Router

The popular Teltonika RUT104 3G Router has had an upgrade and the new Teltonika RUT104+ now features high speed HSPA+ connectivity with download speeds up to 14.4mbps and also includes an updated web user interface as well as SMS reboot feature to compliment the existing Ping Rebbot keep alive feature which has made the Teltonika Routers popular for M2M remote monitoring and management applications such as remote connectivity to CCTV installations and remote connectivity over 3G for content management of digital signage installations.

Teltonika RUT104

The Teltonika RUT104 keeps the same robust aluminium casing but is now supplied with a DIN Rail Mounting kit to enable easy mounting of the router.  The RUT104 is supplied with 2 x GSM Antennas (Main and Aux) and 2 x WiFi Antennas.  The 3G Antennas use standard SMA connectors so can be removed and repleced with a variety of external or higher gain 3G Antennas.  This is useful for example where the 3G router is being installed in a location with a very poor or no 3G signal, but an external 3G antenna can be located nearby to deliver a 3G signal to the router via the connecting wire.


4G LTE Router – 2N Speedroute

This week see’s the launch of the iPhone 5 which supports 4G LTE Networks and this means that iPhone 5 users can take advantage of the new UK 4G LTE Network fro Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) which is also due to go live this week which will mean that iPhone 5 users can access super fast mobile broadband with download speeds up to 25Mbps.

This new high speed 4G LTE Network also brings opportunities for home and business users to get fast mobile broadband by using a 4G LTE Modem which is fine for a single PC, so many 4G LTE users will be tempted to use a 4G LTE Router such as the 2N Speedroute.

The 2N Speedroute 4G LTE Router operates on all the major 4G LTE Bands, which means it will work with the Orange and T-Mobile LTE Network which uses the 1800Mhz Band and will enable users to insert their 4G LTE SIM Card and share their high speed LTE Internet connection using wired LAN connectivity and enable wireless connectivity with the built-in N Wireless WiFi service.

4G LTE Router

2N Speedroute

The 2N Speedroute 4G LTE Router will also work with HSPA+ and 3G Networks so if you don’t have access to 4G LTE Services yet then you can start using existing high speed 3G and HSPA+ Networks straight away and switch to 4G LTE services when they are available.