Teltonika RUT104

The Teltonika RUT104 is an industrial grade, embedded 3G router.

Mobile 3G Router

Replace ADSL /SDSL / Leased Line services at sites which can not obtain line plant, also perfect for (DR) Damage Recovery for Business Critical applications. The Teltonika RUT104 Mobile 3G Router is a true wireless access router. It offers wireless broadband WAN / HSDPA connection with a rate of up to 7.2mb. On the LAN side, it supports both the wireless WiFi 802.11b/g and Ethernet
10/100Mb interfaces.

The Teltonika RUT-104 embedded UMTS router offers instantaneous multi-user internet access over a WiFi or LAN connection. No need for a fixed PSTN line or DSL connection as it is routed via over high speed mobile broadband networks.

Mobile Applications:Sales & Service Fleets
Commercial Transportation
Mobile Router For Cars, Buses & Limos
Delivery & Courier Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Boats & Marine Vessels
Mobile WiFi Hotspots
Low Altitude Aviation
Police, Fire & Emergency Vehicles
Mobile Security & Surveillance
Military & Defense Applications

Stationary Applications:

Remote Monitoring
Remote Control
Cash Registers & Credit Card Processing
Video Surveillance
Tradeshow Internet Access
Temporary Off-Site Work Teams
Vending, Point-of-Sale (POS) & ATM
Backup For Wired Internet and Alarm
Traffic Monitoring & Control
Digital Signage, Electronic Billboards
Homeland Security & Disaster Recovery

The Teltonika Router is available in the UK from the 3G Router Store.

HGO-3G Antenna

HGO-3G Antenna

We have added a new Omni Directional 3G Antenna to our range.  The HGO-3G is a GSM and 3G Antenna designed for outdoor use.  This antenna can be used with a wide range of GSM Gateway, 3G Router and 3G modems and provides up to 6 dBi gain for UMTS / 3G Devices and has the benefit of being Omni-Directional so it can be used in applications where a high gain directional 3G antenna cannot be used.  The HGO-3G Antenna is supplied with 5m long cable and SMA connector and comes with a U-Bolt pole mounting bracket.


3G Antenna

Improve the signal reception of your 3G router by using a high gain 3G Antenna like the GXD1201 Flat Panel Directional 3G Antenna with 10 dBi Gain.  This antenna is supplied with 5m of low loss cable and pre-terminated with an SMA Male connector for easy connection to most 3G Routers.


Telecom FM Dataroute 3G Router

We now have stock of the Telecom FM Dataroute embedded 3G Router which is priced at just £149.00 each with discounts for larger quantities.

The Telecom FM Dataroute is a HSPA Router that offers high speed mobile broadband for multiple users with both wired ethernet ports and 802.11 n/g/b WiFi Wireless connectivity.  The Dataroute embedded 3G router is ideal for home wners or small businesses that want to take advantage of the competitive 3G mobile Broadband Tariffs available and with typical download speeds in our own tests of 4 Mbps and upload speeds of 512 kbps using the 3 mobile network, this router provides users with comparible speeds to normal wired broadband services.

As well as being an embedded HSPA router, the Telecom FM Dataroute also features a built-in ADSL2+ Wired Broadband router so it can be used with a normal wired broadband connection with embedded 3G module acting as a backup should the wired ADSL connection fail.

The Dataroute 3G router is in stock now and we will shortly be launching a new version which features and RJ11 port for the connection of a standard analogue telephone so that the user can make voice calls over the GSM network (voice calls will need to be supported by your 3G mobile broadband provider).  This new product is the Dataroute Voice 3G Router.



Teltonika RUT200 3G Router

Teltonika have announced the introduction of a new 3G Router in Q1 of 2011.  The Teltonika RUT200 will build on the success of the RUT105 3G Router and offer advanced features for M2M and remote monitoring and management applications.

GSM Boosters / GSM Repeaters – Are They Legal?

According to the Ofcom website  mobile repeaters are not legal for use by anyone other than the mobile operators:

“Cellular enhancers / boosters / repeaters ”

In the UK the use of any radio transmitting device is required to be either licensed or specifically exempted from licensing under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (WT Act 2006). For mobile telephones, the use of the spectrum by the network operators is licensed to cover the use of transmitters and repeaters, while user devices (i.e. handsets) are covered by a general exemption.

Repeater devices transmit or re-transmit in the cellular frequency bands. Only the mobile network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in these bands. Installation or use of repeater devices by anyone without a licence is a criminal offence under Section 8 of the WT Act 2006. Any person found guilty of installing or using such devices without a licence would be liable on conviction to a fine of up to £5000 and/or up to 51 weeks’ imprisonment (Six months in Scotland and Northern Ireland)

Anyone wishing to improve coverage in a particular area is advised to contact their network provider. ”

There are howver Passive Repeaters that are not repeating or transmittng the GSM singnal so these can be used.

Telecom FM Annnounce Launch Of New HSUPA 3G Router With Voice Port

The Telecom FM Dataroute Voice is a high speed HSUPA 3G Router providing download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps using an embedded 3G module.  The Telecom FM 3G Router features 4 x 10/100 ethernet ports and high speed Wireless ‘N’ WiFi connectivity.  As well as providing high speed mobile broadband for PC’s and other network devices, the Dataroute Voice router has an RJ11 port for the connection of a standard analogue telephone for voice calls.  This makes it ideal for temporary, remote or mobile offices that require voice and data connectivity.

As well as being a fully featured 3G Wireless Hotspot Router, The Telecom FM Dataroute Voice 3G Router has an ADSL2+ connection so it can also be used as a standard Wired Broadband Router with built in 3G Wireless Internet as a backup should the wired connection fail.

The Telecom FM Dataroute 3G Router is ideal for :-

  • Creating a 3G wireless hotspot
  • Setting up a remote, temporary or mobile office with voice and data
  • M2M remote monitoring and management
  • CCTV
  • Small to medium office that requires a backup solution for their wired broadband service

The Telecom FM Dataroute Voice 3G Router will be available from mid January 2011 in the UK from

Fax Over GSM

Use your standard fax machine wherever you want with the Telecom FM Cellfax Plus GSM Fax Terminal.

The Cellfax Plus is a Fixed Cellular Terminal that uses a standard mobile phone SIM card to provide a wireless landline solution that can be used with a standard analogue telephone or fax machine.  This means that a tenporary or remote office can utilise the convenience of faxing without the time expense of installing a telephone line.

3G APN Settings

Here are some common APN (Access Point Name) Settings that can help when configuring 3G Routers.


User Name : Leave Blank
Password : Leave Blank


APN : internet
User Name : Leave Blank (if this does not work then try user name and password as web)
Password : Leave Blank

User Name : web
Password : web


User Name : mobileweb
Password : password


APN : orangeinternet
User Name : Leave Blank
Password : Leave Blank


User Name : user
Password : pass

3G Antennas

If you are using a 3G Router and need to improve your 3G signal reception then you could connect a 3G Antenna to boost your 3G performance.

We offer both indoor and outdoor 3G Antennas and Omni Directional and Directional Antennas.  For the best increase ireception then we would recommend a External directional 3G Antenna like the GXD1201 Flat Panel Antenna – this will provide up to 10 dBi gain and is easy to install – it is supplied with both a wall mounting and pole mounting brackets and 5m of cable, with convenient 5m and 10m antenna extension cables for longer cable requirements.

3G Antennas can also be purchased from the 3G Router Store.