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Teltonika TCR100 4G Router


Teltonika TCR100 is an industrial 4G router for the home or office.  It builds upon Teltonika’s reputation for industrial grade 4G routers which are used for remote monitoring and management applications using 4G and delivers this industrial pedigree in a compact router designed for the consumer.  The TCR100 has an embedded CAT6 LTE 4G Modem which can deliver up to 300Mbps 4G download speeds subject to network and gives the user Gigabit Ethernet ports, detachable 4G antennas and dual band WiFi.  The web based user interface is the same one used in Teltonika’s industrial routers so you get all the advanced features including ping reboot, VPN and firewall with port forwarding.  Of course, in order to use port forwarding you will need to use a Fixed IP SIM Card.

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Teltonika TCR100 is a CAT6 4G Router designed to provide homes and businesses with an industrial grade business with design and features specifically for the consumer marketplace.

The TCR100 4G Router has an embedded CAT6 LTE 4G Modem which can provide download speeds over the 4G network up to 300Mbps, however these speeds depend upon your SIM provider, network congestion or throttling and distance to the 4G base station for your chosen 4G network provider.

Once the SIM card is inserted and power is connected, the TCR100 router will connect to the 4G network and users can connect to the router using the Gigabit Ethernet ports or can connect wirelessly to the routers dual band WiFi hotspot.  The Teltonika TCR100 router can connect up to 50 users.

Configuring the Teltonika TCR100 router is done via the web GUI which gives access to all the features and services you would find in Teltonika’s industrial 4G routers such as the RUT950 / RUT955 and you can manually configure the router to suit your needs.  It can even do port forwarding, but standard mobile data sim plans do not provide your router with a public IP address that can be communicated and this means DDNS will not work either, so if you need remote access to the TCR100 router and want to use port forwarding to connect to devices on the LAN you will need to get a Fixed IP SIM Card, but there are now unlimited data Fixed IP SIM card packages available so is may be a viable option for consumers who want to switch to 4G with the convenience of wired broadband remote connectivity.



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