eSIM Router

Neowave G5500E is an industrial grade, M2M eSIM Router that can be used with standard Mobile Broadband SIM Cards, Fixed IP SIM Cards or Fixed IP eSIM Cards and eSIM connectivity solutions.

The G5500E 5G Router has a single, embedded 5G Modem that supports all UK 5G Mobile Broadband Networks as well as all existing 4G Mobile Broadband Internet services so can provide a resilient, long term solution for remote access and monitoring applications where you need reliability for your 4G or 5G INternet connection, along with the convenience of being able to utilise existing 4G and 5G Fixed IP SIM Card connectivity services and in the future be able to utilise a 4G or 5G eSIM service which can be activated directly on the router without the need for an inconvenient and costly site visit when you decide to change or switch to a different Fixed IP eSIM service.

The G5500E 5G eSIM Router can provide failover to a backup SIM card or eSIM servicee and provides Gigabit Ethernet wired LAN connectivity as well as dual band (2.4 and 5.0 Ghz) WiFi for high speed wireless LAN connectivity.  This 5G eSIM router ahas all the usual features of many M2M routers such as ping reboot, Port Forwarding, VPN and remote management services.