Proroute GEM420 4G Router is the first in the new line up of the next generation of M2M 4G Router from Proroute.

  • SINGLE EMBEDDED 4G MODULE - Insert your SIM for high speed 4G mobile broadband
  • DUAL SIM - provides fail-over to alternative network for improved resilience
  • LOAD BALANCING - you can connect the GEM420 to a second router via the WAN interface or plug in a 3G/4G USB Modem and the GEM420 can load balance between the embedded module and the WAN and/or USB modem.

GEM420 4G Router

Offering high speed embedded 4G module with Dual SIM card switching as well as all the normal features including ping reboot, SMS reboot, IPsec VPN (client and server), advanced firewall, port forwarding, wired Ethernet LAN ports, Ethernet WAN port and Wireless LAN WiFi connectivity the next generation Proroute GEM routers offer extra functionality including:-

  • Dual SIM Switching for failover (basic switching fails over to second SIM if unable to connect using first SIM)
  • SMS send and receive via web browser – helps manage those data SIM SMS messages
  • USB Port for additional 3G/4G USB Modem connection and basic load balancing to use embedded and USB modem at the same time.
  • WAN port can be included in load balancing set up so WAN and embedded 4G can be connected at the same time
  • Dual DC power input for power failover – industrial DC connection will automatically fail over to secondary power without any downtime.
  • DIN Rail or Flange mounting – both options inlcuded in the box.
  • LOAD BALANCING – Router can simultaneously use the embedded 4G, 3G/4G USB External Modem and WAN Interface and provide load balancing between all or some of these connections. This 4G load balancing is configurable via the GEM420 web interface.
  • 4G Failover – Hot Swap – When set in WAN Failover the GEM420 will use the WAN port for internet access and keep the 4G connected but unused so in the event of internet loss via the WAN port the GEM420 can start using the 4G connection straight away – making it the ideal 4G router for ADSL / office failover router.

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