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Technical Support and FAQ


WE DO NOT PROVIDE TELEPHONE SUPPORT - If you call us we will ask you to email the support team.

Please email the support team directly using 

Please include details of your support question and for routers please include a screen shot of your main status page and the mobile settings page where you have entered your APN settings.

You can also visit the dedicated support sites for various routers using the links below where you will find very useful configuration advice and video guidance for the most common questions.



All products supplied by Westlake Connect Ltd have a 12 month return to base warranty.

If your product develops a fault your first action should be to email the support team to describe the fault and ensure that it is not a configuration or installation issue.

We do not offer advanced replacements and this also means that we do not offer a service to purchase a new unit and then provide a credit when you return the suspected faulty unit.

If you do purchase a new unit and then return the suspected faulty unit then we will just test and repair / replace the unit under the standard warranty terms.  (This also means that we will not provide a refund if you then decide to return the new unit that you purchased.


As described on our store pages, our 3G, 4G and 5G antennas are not booster antennas and should not be purchased on the assumption that they will boost your mobile signal and therefore boost your 3G/4G download speed.

The antennas are designed to be used where your router is installed in a location with a poor mobile signal, bu there is a good signal close by.

For example, of the router is located indoors where there is so signal or perhaps one bar, but outdoors there is three or four bars of signal strength then this is the ideal way to use an outdoor 4G antenna.

Similarly, if your router is installed inside a metal data cabinet which is blocking the signal, but there is a better signal in the room where the cabinet is located you could install a magnetic mount antenna on top of the metal cabinet.

If you are unsure whether you need a 4G antenna, simply check your signal strength where you intend to locate the router and then move the router where you intend to install your antenna and see if there is a big improvement.  if they are similar then you do not need to purchase a different antenna than is supplied with your router.




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Can I Use DYNDNS / DDNS To Access My 3G / 4G Router?

In the UK if you use a standard mobile data SIM card provided directly by the UK Mobile Networks (EE, Vodafone, O2, 3 Mobile) and use their standard APN settings the mobile operator will only provide your connection with a PRIVATE IP Address - this means that DYNDNS WILL NOT WORK.

The only exception to this is 3 Mobile on their 3G service (if using a 4G router you would need to configure it to connect using 3G only and need to use the APN of 3internet) - PLEASE NOTE : 3 Mobile DO NOT GUARANTEE that they will provide your connection with a Public IP address and in this case your WILL NOT be able to access your router remotely because DDNS will not work unless the router gets a PUBLIC IP Address.  It is also worth noting that due to a shortage of IPv4 IP addresses 3 Mobile may stop providing this service and because it does not form part of your contract you would need to continue paying your rental to the end of the term and will not be able to access your router and will need to subscribe to a new Fixed IP SIM Card service and visit site to swap the SIM cards to enable remote access to your router and connected devices.