O2 Data Network

O2 Network Down affecting over 32 million data connections in UK

This morning at 5:30AM the O2 Mobile Data network went offline affecting all 3G and 4G data services in the UK, an extimated 32 million connections spread over consumer handsets through to mobile broadband routers and possibly more importantly M2M data SIMs relying upon the O2 network.

O2 is the second largest network in the UK behind EE and also provides services for other MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) such as Tesco Mobile, Giff Gaff, Lycamobile, Sky Mobile.

O2 Mobile data SIM cards are used in millions of M2M routers to manage many critical and non critical services, for example TFL Transport for London use O2 SIM cards in their electronic timetable service at bus stops which is currently not working.

As the work day begins O2 still have no news update and are just pointing users to their service portal which is usually unresponsive due to large numbers of visitors.

This outage across the whole UK for the O2 mobile data network is embarrassing for O2 and can have serious repercussions for the trust in using mobile data for essential management services, however this also highlights the importance of adding resilience into your mission critical applications that rely on mobile broadband and the use of a dual SIM router such as the Proroute H750 can switch to a backup network data SIM in just such an event and for more critical applications where a delay between switching between SIM cards using a single modem dual SIM 4G router then the Proroute H700TT dual Modem 4G router can be simultaneously connected to two different mobile networks so if one network is unavailable there is no service loss as the Proroute router automatically switches to the backup network.