Amit IDG500 Compact M2M 4G Router with Dual SIM Failover

We are now stocking the Amit IDG500 in the UK and this little router is a great addition to our expanding Amit range of industrial 4G routers.

The IDG500 is a nice compact size and probably the smallest dual SIM 4G Router available and especially at the low price of under £100 it makes it a very competitive solution for your next M2M installation where you need a compact, reliable and functional embedded 4G router that provides reliable 4G mobile broadband connectivity with the ability to fail over to a backup SIM card and delivers connectivity to devices on the LAN via 2 x Ethernet ports and 802.11b/g/n WiFi.



You can see in the picture above the dual SIM card slots, which use MICRO SIM cards and you can see the SMA antenna connectors for the 2 x Cell Antennas (Main and Aux) and the single WiFi antenna connector in the middle.  The IDG500 is supplied with 2 x Cell antennas and 1 x WiFi antenna in the box.  These are the elbow joint antennas you can see in the picture below.


In the above picture you can also see the connector for power and the two Ethernet ports.  As default both of these are set to LAN, but you can set one of them to WAN connection and then use WAN connection as primary and fail over to the 4G connection if required but the majority of users will probably just use the 4G modem connection as the primary WAN Internet connection.

The IDG500 model number in full is Amit IDG500-0T012 in case you check out the Amit website for extra information and we stock this in the UK and this means that we also provide the router with a UK plug mains power adapter.

The IDG500 can be mounted with the mounting flanges and also included in the box is a DIN rail mounting kit.

We recommend using a Fixed IP SIM card to provide reliable and convenient access to your 4G router and once you can remotely connect to the IDG500 then you can configure all the normal features like port forwarding and set up security to protect your router and connected devices and of course the network monitoring (ping reboot) and SMS features like SMS status and SMS reboot.

The Amit IDG500 also has VPN capability including IPSEC for site to site VPN and it also provides CLIENT connections for Open VPN and PPTP – the IDG500 will not act as a Open VPN server or PPTP VPN server.

You can buy the IDG500 router from our online store –