ZTE MF60 Wireless Hotspot – 4G Router

The ZTE MF60 is a HSPA+ Wireless Router that you can insert your 3G mobile Data SIM card into and share your mobile broadband connection with multiple wireless devices.  Instead of just using your 3G Modem or 3G Modem plugged into the USB port of a single Laptop computer, you can remove the SIM card from your USB modem and insert it into the SIM card slot of the ZTE MF60 and share the high speed mobile broadband with up to 8 wireless devices.


The ZTE MF60 Wireless Hotspot Router is a 4G Router and is capable of super fast mobile broadband download speeds up to 21Mbps.  Becuase of it’s small size the ZTE MF60 makes a great choice for a travel router so you can connect multiple devices to the internet with a single SIM card.