TELTONIKA TCR100 Home / Office 4G Router

Teltonika TCR100

Teltonika TCR100 is the new offering from Teltonika, a leading manufacturer of M2M 4G routers for remote access and monitoring.  The TCR100 router provides home and offices the opportunity to get access to Industrial grade 4G router technology, performance and reliability with an easy to use management interface.  This router will provide 2 x Gigabit EThernet Ports and high speed 802.11AC WiFi hotspot for up to 50 users.  The Teltonika TCR100 4G Router has an embedded CAT6 LTE 4G modem that provides high speed 4G Internet connectivity wth download speeds up to 300Mbps (subject to mobile network of course).

The TCR100 has industry standard SMA antenna connections for the cellular antennas which means that the supplied 4G antennas supplied with the router can be easily replaced with a high gain, outdoor 4G antenna such as the Fullband MIMORAD in instances where the 4G router is located indoors where there is a poor 4G network signal but there is a much stronger 4G signal outdoors.

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